About Us

My wife was working as a nurse a few years back and one night at dinner she started talking about this new material,  4D Air Pro Pads. First off she couldn’t believe how easy this material was to clean but what really caught her attention was how high tech it looked and light and airy it felt, plus the patients really seemed to like how cool it felt when laying down. Jump ahead a month or so and one of our dogs gets really sick and made a pretty good mess of his bed and of course the wife being the clean freak she is was attempting to clean things up. This wasn’t going well so I started to do some research on how to clean the foam pad in most pet beds sold today and I was shocked to learn they say not to clean them right in their own ads, really? Well that wasn’t going to make her happy and when I told her lets say I was really right and leave it at that. At some point she says I wish I had some of that new stuff they use in the bed mattresses at the hospital, well again being the research nut that I am I start looking for a new pet bed made with air pro pads. Finally after searching and searching I found some being sold but they wanted between $600 and a $1000 a piece depending on size, you’re right I wasn’t about to tell her that. That price just sounded insane but I leaned the problem was it couldn’t be shrunk and vacuum packed like other foam products which made shipping cost a huge problem especially for larger sizes. You would think if something was twice as big it would cost about twice as much to ship but in reality it was 5 to 6 times more expensive to import and $70 minimum to ship to you in the USA and that doesn’t even include the cost of the pet bed itself. Another year goes by and I figure out a way that 20″ x 30″ pet beds could work with the 4D Air Pro Pads, yes a little more but not those crazy prices for the larger sizes. So I tell the wife I can get one for our smaller dog but the big guy was out of luck, she looks at me and says we’ll just lay 2 of them together and that will work … yeah I felt just a little stupid but that was the start of Pets4Rest.com