Our Hi-Tech Cooling Dog Bed Has Web-Like Structure for Fantastic Air Flow Easy Cleaning & Outdoor Dog Bed Use

outdoor dog bed

Our 3D web like structure is 100% washable unlike memory foam which can't be cleaned properly. It's also extremely comfortable and very easy to clean with just a hose or shower in about a minute.

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Now you have a better choice.

🕵️‍♀️Real Waterproof Dog Bed, All our dog bed covers are made with breathable high quality materials that complement our Air Fiber Pads or HD Dry Fast Foam so now if your dog has an accident it’s stopped with the bottom layer not the top. Now that’s a waterproof dog bed at it’s best.   

🕵️‍♀️ Advantages: Enjoy the flexibility of an indoor or outdoor dog bed that provides a high level of comfort along with the support they need to relieve body and joint pain, hip dysplasia and arthritis. 


The Experts Say: Jessica Gore, a certified professional animal behaviorist says while you may be able to spot-clean dirty paw prints, urine stains that aren’t properly removed will draw your pet back to pee in the same spot. If it’s not a washable dog bed, it’s not a good purchase.

What does orthopedic means? It’s the ability to support your dog in such a way that it improves their blood flow and quality of life while the incredible air flow our beds provide increases their over all comfort.      

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