The Only Dog Bed That’s Washable From Cover To Core!

Our 4D Air Pro Pads are used in hospital beds, operating rooms and now in your dog's bed because there very supportive, sanitary and easy to clean.

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The only other company selling these type of dog beds wants $600 to $1000 each. We offer the incredible price of only $69.95, see for yourself!

This is what's wrong with every other Dog Bed Sold Today ... It's Just Not Right?

Did you know the covers made for your dog’s bed are waterproof for one reason only, to protect the memory foam under the cover because it can’t be cleaned properly?  Do you understand if your dog has an accident on a cover made to protect the memory foam from getting wet what’s protecting your dog from getting wet? Really, we can do better.

🕵️‍♀️The Experts Say: Jessica Gore, a certified professional animal behaviorist says while you may be able to spot-clean dirty paw prints, urine stains that aren’t properly removed

What is orthopedic? It’s the ability to support your dogs joints in such a way that it improves blood flow and their quality of life. Plus the incredible air flow our beds provide increases their over all comfort.     

Now you have a better choice.

🕵️‍♀️Real Waterproof: All our dog bed covers are made with high quality materials that complement our Air Fiber Pads or Dryfast Foam so now if your dog has an accident it’s stopped with the bottom layer not the top. Now that’s waterproof at it’s best.   

🕵️‍♀️ Advantages: Our dog beds are not only comfortable but will also provide the support they need to relieve body pain, hip dysplasia, arthritis while providing perfect support for their joints and pressure points. 

All Our Dog Beds/ Crate Pads are an incredible value considering they can be cleaned from cover to core very easily. Is it even a choice, super easy to clean vs can’t be cleaned? This makes the choice for any caring dog owner simply a no brainer.  

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